Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do wholesale shipping and exports to all most all countries. Contact us for more information about your country.

Yes, we do wholesale shipping and exports to most countries. Contact Us for more information about your country.

How Long does shipping take?

Average shipping by sea takes 3-5 weeks depending on your port of delivery and shipment by air will take 3-7 days depending on your destination. We do offer an exact delivery time after your order has been shipped.


What shipping company do you use?

We use multiple shipping companies but mainly MAERSK, MSC or CGA, CGM. Depending on shipping schedules, we could use other shipping companies.


What are the shipping conditions?

Our products are shipped in temperature-controlled containers. This ensures the freshness and quality upon arrival.


How do you handle shipping delays?

We do ship timely, unless otherwise. In the event of a major delay (more than 21 days) a mutual compensation shall be agreed upon with the buyer.


Do you provide packing pictures?

Yes, we do provide packing pictures, bar codes and assistance with the shipping procedure.


What Shipping Documents Do You Provide?

These shipping documents can provided: B/L, AWB, master B/L, certificate of origin,  health & phytosanitary certificate, inspection certificate for quality and quantity, commercial invoice, packing list, insurance certificate covering 110% of the total invoice value, non-wood packing certificate, production list. Kindly let us know in advance which of the above documents are required by you.


How is insurance handled for the shipment?

We provide insurance coverage for every shipment. The insurance shall not be more than 110% of the total value of the order.



What payment methods do you accept?

We do accept T/T (Telegraphic Bank Transfers) & LC for existing clients.

Do you provide payment receipts?

Yes, we provide payment receipts and keep records for each payment.

How is my payment guaranteed?

All payments must be paid following instructions on the Payment Instructions shared by us. T/T payments shall be received by EUROPAMARK account or an authorized account by EUROPAMARK. We guarantee every payment sent to us directly, this guarantee is sealed with a payment record and receipt.

How long does it take to confirm payment?

This depends on the payment type. Bank transfers take an average of 5-7 business days.

What is your ordering procedure?

  • Buyer requests a quote from us.
  • An official price quote is sent to the buyer.
  • Buyer accepts quote and trade terms, sends a purchase order (PO).
  • We will accept the purchase order send a contract / Proforma Invoice and payment instructions (PI) to the buyer.
  • Buyer makes payment as instructed.
  • We confirm payment and issue a payment receipt.
  • Packing starts
  • Goods are inspected and shipped.
  • Buyer receives shipping documents.
  • Buyer receives goods and sends a confirmation to us.

What are the benefits of placing huge order?

We do offer additional discounts and bonuses to customers with huge orders. Our sales team will notify you, if you qualify for such bonuses / discounts.


Permitted to supply in the Middle East?

We are permitted to ship to Middle All our products are of international quality manufactured per European standards. Some of our products are fully HALAL compliant with Islamic Laws. We provide relevant certifications of product standards and quality. Please consult with our team for more details.