Social responsibility

Social responsibility


Socially Responsible Company

We are a socially sensitive company with principles and standards. We care about our workforce and the environment. Part of our responsibility in running an international business is to actively give something back to communities in the markets we operate. At EUROPAMARK, we believe a connected world is a better world. Through our community fund we are fulfilling our commitment to be a good corporate citizen.

We conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way. We act lawfully in every country in which we operate, consistently respecting our obligations to the state, our workforce, society, our suppliers and our stakeholders in general. We seek to cooperate with companies that share the same standards of business ethics: equal job opportunities, respect for the workforce, a safe, non-discriminatory working environment, compliance with the law, exclusion of child labor, concern for society and protection of the environment, etc.

We’ve invested in a number of initiatives to maintain our strong CSR position for the future in below three segments:


We are dedicated to protecting the environment and building environmental sustainability into every business function and process through our “reduce, reuse and recycle” principle.

Employee Welfare

We believe our employees are our greatest asset. At EUROPAMARK, we take all necessary measures to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and provide a positive work environment that encourages professional development and growth. The long-term satisfaction and engagement of our employees is of utmost importance. Therefore, we strive to create a work environment that is flexible, engaging, open to feedback and collaborative.


EUROPAMARK is committed to be a responsible business partner in the communities in which we operate. We believe in the value of engaging with and supporting the development and growth of local communities through local partnerships, charitable support/donations and volunteering. We support non-profit making organizations and foundations as well as schools, orphanages, museums and theaters.