We have an extensive network of suppliers who make a critical contribution to the continued success of our business. We have a vision to become a world-class global trading company that enables the business to achieve its strategy through a professional, innovative and results driven team. We strive to bring strategic value to the business by procuring products & services efficiently with quality and ethically through the use of standards, strategic partnerships and our global knowledge while positioning EUROPAMARK in the market as a preferred customer.


We focus on local, regional and pan European brands, carefully selecting the very best and bringing them to the global market. Our suppliers are a key enabler of our ability to add value. In compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards, they develop new innovative products in order to provide quality products on a competitive basis. We are privileged to work with some of the best manufacturers in the European Union, adding value through innovative packaging and labelling solutions and providing a cost-effective route to market. We pride ourselves on building long standing relationships with our suppliers.


At EUROPAMARK, we continuously strive to provide our customers with the best products and services. We can achieve this by partnering with strategic suppliers who can deliver the best products and services to our business. With that in mind we select our supplier based on product selection criteria and once these are met, a potential supplier can be classified as a preferred partner for EUROPAMARK. The aim is to offer customers a wide assortment of impeccable quality.

Product Selection Criteria

All products are selected on the basis of formal procedure and current requirements.

Basic Criteria for Product Selection:

  • Product must have an impeccable quality
  • Product must be in high demand among customers
  • Product’s packaging must meet the requirements of current laws and support sales 
  • Product packaging must make it possible to receive, store and ship the merchandise from the company’s distribution centers
  • We always glad to cooperate with qualified suppliers. There are many benefits of working with us:


Commitment to our suppliers


  • You produce quality products and we’ll provide you with the route to market
  • Access to leading retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the export markets
  • Find opportunities for private label customers 
  • We add value to your quality products through innovative ideas and labelling solutions based on local experience.
  • We can work progressively with you, through strategic business plans, matching your capabilities and production abilities to the right customers
  • Build and manage an elite distributor network
  • Yearly/monthly planning and forecasting
  • Reporting and distributor accountability
  • Constant follow-up to keep distributors focused on your line
  • For overstock/stocklots whcih you couldn't manage to sell it.

Customer Service

  • Order Processing
  • Field visits and product training
  • Export servicing/issue management
  • Responding to website customer service requests
  • Marketing
    • Coordinate international marketing and accreditations of your brand with distributors
    • We’ll provide you details about packaging and labelling in local markets
    • Focus on “translating” your brand’s identity to foreign consumers

If you would like to work with EUROPAMARK, we’d love to hear from you.